Anthrax – “Worship Music”

“Worship Music”
(Nuclear Blast)

Joey Belladonna is back!! There, I hadta get it offa my chest after the whole ‘who’s gonna be singin’ questions I’ve been asked since the whole Dan Nelson fiasco. John Bush, as mighty a vocalist as he’s always been, has never quite defined Anthrax the way Belladonna has and if there were still any doubters out there, then “Worship Music” will silence them. Forever. This album takes us back to the Anthrax era of “Among The Living” where songs like ‘Fight ’em T’il You Can’t’ could be worthy successors characterised by the classic sound of ‘Not’ Ian’s quirky yanked n cranked riffs, Benante’s (and Bello’s) furious double bass rhythm and of course, Joey’s vocals, which although not as high as they used to be, are unmistakeable. New(ish) boy Rob Caggiano deserves a special mention for his guitar work: meaty n raw, yet suave and soulful to add real texture on the likes of ‘I’m Alive’. Still trying to be different, the cello piece of ‘Hymn 1’ didn’t do much for me but the pounding ‘In The End’ soon had me moodily moonstomping along with ‘The Giant’, signifying the return of one of the Big 4, now celebrating their 30th anniversary with this 10th album.

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