ANTI CIMEX ”Victims Of A Bombraid”

”Victims Of A Bombraid”

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If there ever was a seminal Swedish punk (hardcore?) band it has to be ANTI CIMEX. I remember how happy I was when I found an ANTI CIMEX album in my local record shop in the 80s. I knew of the band beforehand so it was like a total revelation finding that album. The band carried on releasing a couple more album (“Absolut Country Of Sweden” and “Scandinavian Jawbreaker”). Everyone a classic today. Without ANTI CIMEX there would not be kängpunk. This is a compilation that collects everything that has ever been released (or close to) by the band. From the very humble beginning to the more refined end. This is a most have release. Simply because it is so bloody brilliant. Anders Ekdahl

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