Anti – Pasti – “Rise Up”


Anti – Pasti – “Rise Up” (Westworld Recordings)

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Raising hell since 1978, Brit punksters Anti – Pasti were part of the 80s wave of punk, releasing 2 albums – including a debut in “The Last Call” that actually charted (!) – before folding in 1982, although leaving a legacy that lasted to this day. Despite having a short life owing to the departure of founder vocalist Martin Roper, the band toured with the likes of The Clash, Discharge and The Exploited, along with The Dead Kennedys in the US. No doubt cementing their reputation, reunions were held in 1995 and most noticeably in 2012 at the Rebellion Festival, the success of which has now established Anti – Pasti as a regular act! Even with new found success, Roper once again quit but this time Anti – Pasti drew the line and recruited GeZ Addictive. With a new beginning and a new(ish) band, “Rise Up” is the band’s first release in 35 years and I am truly bowled over by its 12 tracks! Clearly the band have busy beavering away over the last few years with a solid song writing triumvirate in founder drummer Kev Nixon, longtime guitarist Ollie Hoon and bassist since 2012, Ben Hanson. While not being as embittered as the anarcho punks or violent as any Oi! bands of the 80s (thankfully), Anti – Pasti certainly get a very strong anti authority message across on abrasive but addictive songs like ‘Freedom First’, ‘Viva Che’ and my personal fave ‘Lies Lies Lies’. Delivered through a genuine 80s Brit punk sound with a strong late 70s punk rock n roll element in Hoon’s guitar stylishly rolled in and completed by shouted out punk choruses, the intelligent, socially conscious and politically charged lyrics go along way to prove that Anti – Pasti have not just returned to make up for lost time, but to once again take up the mantle as freedom fighters for the people!

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