ANTIPOPE “3 Eyes Of Time”

”3 Eyes Of Time”
(Violent Journey)
How are you to judge a band by the name of ANTIPOPE? I could read too much into the band name. Perhaps it has nothing to do with religion at all. Perhaps ANTIPOPE is a word all in its self? Luckily I’m not here to judge the name of the bands but to listen to the music. As long as the name isn’t too idiotic or downright stupid I have no problems. I get a latter day Sentenced feel about this finnish bands music. Add to it a doomy early Danzig feel and a death-ish touch and you got an album that promises to be anything but a light bringer. And seeing as I like anything that is darker than night this Finnish metal band suits me just fine. I’m surprised at how many good/great metal acts there is in Finland that aren’t death/black metal. Anders Ekdahl

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