ANTOINE FAFARD “Solus Operandi”

“Solus Operandi”
Antoine Fafard is a blank slate to me. I have no idea who he is or what he’s about. For all I know he might be the worst artist ever. Or he could be the best ever heard. Either which way this ends up I’ll be an experience richer. I have no prior relationship with the Canadian label Unicorn but from what I’ve gathered they seem to be very progressive oriented. “Solus Operandi” is proof of that. This is music that requires a large bit of your attention and not something you listen to while vacuuming or doing the dishes. This is music for those of you who have an interest in music that goes beyond the usual conventions of hardrock/heavy metal. It is for those of you who like your music eclectic and don’t mind fusions of jazz and rock and whatever more. There are moments when I too walk this path and Antoine Fafard proved to be a much better artist/guitarist than I ever thought he’d be. Anders Ekdahl

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