ANTONELLO GILIBERTO “The Mansion Of Lost Souls”

”The Mansion Of Lost Souls”
As I don’t play the guitar myself I try to stay well clear of instrumental guitar albums. I can appreciate a really good guitar solo but I have no way of deciphering the technical skill of any guitar player. But I’m no stranger to a good challenge every now and then hence me reviewing this album. There is no doubt that this is heavy metal. No matter how much neo classical influences you are supposed to hear on this album it is in its purest form a heavy metal album. And as such this is a really cool record. It would have been even cooler if it had had an awesome vocalist add to the sound. But since there isn’t one the guitar has to do the singing. I miss guitar solos in my metal. I have no idea why they disappeared. There is nothing like a really well executed guitar solo. This album is filled with them. Anders Ekdahl

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