AntropomorphiA – “Necromantic Love Songs”


AntropomorphiA – “Necromantic Love Songs” (Metal Blade Records)

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AntropomorphiA are a case of second time lucky. Initially formed in the early 90s taking inspiration from death metal luminaries like Autopsy, Death and Pestilence, this Dutch band soon went on to release their own “Bowel Mutilation” demo in 1992 closely followed the “Necromantic Love Songs” EP a year later. Despite the band going on hiatus for 10 years in 1999, they re-emerged triumphant with 2012’s (banned) “Evangelivm Nekromantia” album and last year’s critically acclaimed “Rites ov Perversion”. However, with fans going back to their early days and the band themselves wanting to do true justice to their early material, the opportunity has finally arisen to re-master not just one but both of these early works into a strictly limited numbered 666 LPs (333 LPs in 2 versions) and 1,000 CDs. Well, if you like your death metal primitive and savage just as it was back in those halcyon days then look no further! “Bowel Mutilation” certainly lives up to its name from Ferry Damen’s bestial guttural growling vocals to Jos van den Brand’s slithering evil riffs superbly complemented by Marc van Stiphout and Marco Stubbe’s chopping rhythms on deliciously diabolical ditties like ‘The Carnal Pit’ and ‘Splattered Remains’ while on the EP ‘Chunks Of Meat’ and ‘Birth Through Dead’ manifest more technicality, a faster tempo and a punk element a la Bolt Thrower, reflective of the genre’s fast evolving style through the 90s. “Necromantic Love Songs” allows fans both new and old to revisit the glorious past, not just for one of Holland’s most up coming bands (second time round) but also for a time in death metal both unparalleled in style and sound.

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