ANTZAAT ”The Black Hand Of The Father”

”The Black Hand Of The Father”
(Immortal Frost Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

Belgian black metal is not the most common commodity in my collection but every now and then up pops a Belgian band. And for most of the times it is good. So I am rather excited to hear what this band sounds like. I love Emperor’s “In The Nightside Eclipse” and how symphonic and chaotic it is. I can listen to that album hour after hour. When I hear ANTZAAT’s debut EP I come to think of Emperor’s debut album. This is not as symphonic but just as chaotic. I love all kinds of black metal but this is my top 3 kind of black metal. There is something extraordinary to this kind that appeals to me. I think it is that in all the chaos there is beauty. You gotta pay attention to the details to fully get this. Anders Ekdahl

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