Anvil – “Strength Of Steel” / “Pound For Pound” / “Worth The Weight”

Anvil – “Strength Of Steel” / “Pound For Pound” / “Worth The Weight” REISSUES (Steamhammer / SPV)

By now this Canadian band need no introduction: having cried welfare thru their 2008 rockumentary “Anvil! The Story Of Anvil” – the highest grossing rock documentary in UK rock history I might add – these guys found a new lease of life and things certainly look rosy with their latest album “Juggernaut Of Justice”. Capitalizing upon this have been the inevitable cash ins and with a mega compilation already being released by Sony, SPV have made a prudent move to re-release (in gate fold colored vinyl no less) Anvil’s 4th, 5th and 6th studio albums. With songs featured in the rockumentary like ‘Toe Jam’ and ‘Mad Dog’, these were crucial albums in what should’ve been Anvil’s career development. However, it was not to be and it’s easy to see why second time around in my case: while showcasing enviable musical dexterity, the 29 songs when listened to back to back simply blur into one endless speed metal succession. Not a problem, except that none of the material compares to any of that on the suavely produced Forged In Fire”, let alone the mighty meaty “Metal On Metal”, which remains Anvil’s finest hour. I dunno what happened, but the classics that remain the backbone of Anvil’s live set stopped coming and so too did the fans like myself. I’m not sure if it would’ve been financially viable, but the band should’ve considered a ‘best of’ albeit made up of selected tracks to be re-recorded, which might’ve given them a new lease of life. As they stand, these re-releases are purely for the collector, everyone else would do better saving their shekels seeking these releases in the bargain bins – no doubt there’s plenty of copies.

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