Any Given Day – “Overpower”

Any Given Day – “Overpower” (Arising Empire)
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Fast rising up the German charts and ready to go further – a lot further in fact judging by this excellent 3rd release – are metalcore band Any Given Day. Actually the ‘metalcore’ tag doesn’t do these guys full justice with Metal Hammer describing them in part as ‘deathcore’ although I’d err the other way by saying there’s elements of nu metal, pop-core certainly with those heavy melodies, emo harmonies and dance beats added, along with ambient, atmospheric moments. Either way, “Overpower” certainly lives up to its name, being both the band’s hardest and yet also most melodic release to date according to them! With man beast Dennis Diehl providing a versatile vocal range from growls to soulful singing the scene is set on ‘In Deafening Silence’ as the thick Scandi guitar melodies simply roll out while the double bass drumming picks up the tempo before the melodic chorus with background roars catches you along with a raw hardcore piece, returning back to the massive melodic guitars as they take off into heavy metal solos – wow! Delivering some astounding modern metal on ‘Savior’ with its hammering drums, whirring riffola and screamo skilfully blended with diamond glittering melodies, emo pop harmonies and passionate background keyboards, the combination provides the perfect atmosphere to the song’s theme of soul searching and breaking free, something I’m sure will resonate powerfully online given the band’s success in that medium with prior singles. With the melodies shining throughout the pumped aggression of ‘Never Surrender’, you really appreciate the talent of Any Given Day in being able to arrange the sheer range of styles and on this song in particular, the vocals simply excel going from cool radio miked into hoarse abusive shout outs and then back to tender singing with the heart of a lion – awesome. Sung entirely in english and with an intended international sound, “Overpower” certainly has what it takes to reach a wider audience, not to mention kill live so I really look forward to seeing these guys on any given day indeed!
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