Aosoth – “IV: Arrow In Heart”

Aosoth – “IV: Arrow In Heart” (Agonia Records)

This has gotta be one of the most haunting albums I’ve heard in a while. These French black metallers have clearly gone to a lotta trouble to create a creepy atmosphere through their songs, which go beyond traditional black metal into the epic realm right from the outset of the 11 minute title track opener. Whilst there are the usual evil sound bytes, which incidentally are used to great effect, it’s actually Aosoth’s music played dextrously thru non standard instruments like 5 string basses and primitive dull thudding drums which achieves a spectacularly morbid sound of decay on songs like ‘One With The Prince With A Thousand Enemies’ and ‘Under Nails & Fingertips’. With the cryptic MkM adding the finishing touches thru his equally foetid tormented vocals and tortured drawls it’s a masterful experience indeed and one that places Aosoth at the top of the French black metal league. You can literally feel death creeping all over you on this one. Superb.

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