APALLIC ”OF Fate And Sanity”

”OF Fate And Sanity”
(Boersma Records)

Battle Helm Rating

There are thousand and thousand of bands that I have never heard of. And that I will continue to be unaware of. But thanks to Battle Helm I do get to discover a fraction of the stuff I never would have been subjected to otherwise. APALLIC is a German progressive death metal that most likely would have slipped by me unnoticed. If you like early Opeth and feel that they’ve wandered away on a path too diverse for you then this might be something worth checking out. Musically they have that same feeling that we found on the first couple of Opeth albums. And no, this is not a note for note rip off. APALLIC has just emulated the vibe from those early albums and added their own touch and take. This is much more an amalgamation of everything that is progressive death metal than it is anything else. If you like to sit back and listen to your death metal instead of doing the vacuuming to it then this will suit you. Anders Ekdahl

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