APOCALYPSE “Apocalypse/Rewind”

(Arkeyn Steel)

Battle Helm Rating

Do not confuse this APOCALYPSE with the one that used to release records on Under One Flag back in the days. This is a US band that I think I do remember from the fanzine days but never got round to checking out. Thanks to Arkeyn Steel we get the chance to hear their albums from 94 and 98. When I listen to this today I am brought back to a time when US metal was really cool and you had a ton of bands to choose from. The stuff on their first album from 94 makes me think of Fates Warning and Queensrÿche. But it is the stuff from their second album from 98 that gets me going. This is true US metal in a power/heavy metal fashion. Still with that touch of Queensrÿche that is so bloody good. As a monument to a forlorn time this is awesome but it does also work as a testament to a band that never really made it. Anders Ekdahl

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