Apophys – “Prime Incursion”


Apophys – “Prime Incursion” (Metal Blade Records)

Named after the recent near Earth colliding monster asteroid, Apophys was the realization of Toxocara vocalist Kevin Quilligan’s sick vision to create something truly apocalyptic. Based in The Netherlands, home to some of the best modern death metal bands around, it wasn’t long before he was joined by guitarists Sanne van Dijk (Erebus) and Koen Romeijn (Detonation), bassist Mickeal Schuurman (ex-Monvolland) and drum whore Michiel van der Plicht (ex-God Dethroned, ex-Prostitute Disfigurement, ex-Detonation). With all the members being 10 year + veterans, the standard on “Prime Incursion” is nothing short of excellent on this nightmarish sci-fi saga, right down to the gargantuan sound that surrounds you just like being in the shadow of the band’s namesake beast as it hurtles into this frail planet at 30,000 mph! From Michiel van der Plicht’s matching hyper speed double bass drumming to Quilligan’s own monstrous, bestial roars as if sounding out the death cry of billions, Sanne van Dijk and Koen Romeijn hit the detonation button to massive walls of scything death metal riffola, some blurring whilst others at a more slower crushing pace, while Mickeal Schuurman mops up, pile driving any remaining signs of life out’ve existence! Along with Asphyx, Apophys have all the seasoned ingredients in place to create well structured songs like ‘Miscreants’, ‘The Antidote’ and ‘Requiem For The Absurd’ that suavely mix savagery with neo classical solos and dark melodies, proving that modern death metal isn’t just one endless torture rack.

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