Apothesary – “Accept Loss Forever”

Apothesary – “Accept Loss Forever” (M-Theory Audio)

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The Def Leppard of Death Metal. Well, it says so here and judging by all the happening things about these 3 guys and 1 lady, Apothesary are definitely headed for the big time! Already touring on the basis of their 2011 debut “A Harsh Reality“, this long awaited sophomore is the bomb everyone was waiting for. Made up of Hatchet guitarist Clayton Cagle and his 3 Apothesary band mates Jared Eandi (guitarist /vocalist), drummer Greg O’Neill and bassist Brittany Shankle, I can see what all the fuss is about on the 11 ground breaking tracks here. Although labelled as death core, and in some cases certainly fitting that bill with roaring guttural vocals and a fierce rhythm, there’s an equal amount of screamo and thrash accelerations dispersed generously across the songs too. However, its the more off the wall stuff from math fretboard warblings to spanish guitar to virtually virtuoso solos chucked in intelligently across the album that moreover grabs my attention, not to mention the melodies and dare I say it – especially for deathcore – the sheer catchiness and memorability of songs like ‘1976’, ‘Elizabeth’ and ‘Woodland Critter Christmas‘. Written when the band were still in their teens, “Accept Loss Forever” has been an emotional journey for the band and truly represents a coming of age experience. That said, the complexity and depth of the songs has needed the tightness of their maturity as young adults today to pull it off, which they do magnificently while retaining the fire and energy of their youth, which is amply exuded across this impressive release.

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