ARA “The Blessed Sleep”

“The Blessed Sleep”
I really admire bands that take things in their own hands and don’t sit around waiting for things to happen for them. American ARA has done so by releasing this CD on their own. I might not understand what goes on in the head of a progressive metal musician but I most often like the outcome of that mindset. I find it easier to understand a death metal band. There is a primal instinct to death metal that speaks to the cave man in me. There is a stroke of progressive to this death metal assault but for most of the time I get a Suffocation/Cannibal Corpse feeling about this 5-tracker. This is brutal and guttural death metal. This is death metal that is so deep in the mud that you need a bulldozer to drag it out into the light. And I sit here grinning like a fool enjoying it like there is no tomorrow. Anders Ekdahl

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