ARATIC “To The Early Grave”

”To The Early Grave”
(Violent Journey)
OK, now we are talking. This is allegedly thrash in the old school from the 80s. I just hope that they have picked up the right influences so that we end up with an album that sounds like Whiplash meets Forbidden instead of some tired old dish rash. There is a punkish feeling to this that gives it a youthful exuberance. The trick to playing this kind of thrash is to not keep it samey. If they intend to keep up the same intensity for a full album as in the first song they gotta vary the songs so that they don’t end up sounding like one long repetition. And that is something that ARATIC seem to be able to do. Listening to this brings me back to the first time I heard bands like French Morsüre or German Living Death. Anders Ekdahl

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