ARBOR “The Plutonian Shore”

“The Plutonian Shore”
The day I don’t find joy in finding new bands is the day I’ll kill myself. Complacency is not an option. Arbor came to me by request. I’m a good enough sport to take them up on the offer. Not knowing what to expect I took this one head on with no safety net whatsoever. This could be the worst kind of metalcore or it could be the best thing since that Cinderella party at the Castle. This wasn’t what I expected. I had kind of come to expect a band closer to Isis but instead I got a USBM (sort of) band basically. And as with most American black metal bands I’ve heard in the wake of Wolves In The Throne Room this is an eclectic mix of styles that make up a whole. So don’t be surprised to hear traces of thrash as well as clean singing. Throw in some death and heavy metal and you pretty much know what to expect. And while not the best Cinderella party at the castle this was still a pretty good party. Anders Ekdahl

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