ARCHANGE ”Flashback”


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French hardrock/metal is a fave of mine. Has been ever since the 80s and bands like Trust, Sortilege and H-Bomb. But I don’t get to hear too much of it today. Nowadays it is more extreme French metal that comes my way. So it is very nice to be able to hear a French hardrock album again. When I listen to this I can’t help thinking back to Def Leppard’s first two albums (boy do I need to update myself on hardrock in the 10s). And even though they were very American in sound they still had a distinct British feel to them. And that is what I get from this album even though they are French. There is also that mix of British and American in this. There is something to sing-along choruses that puts a smile on my face. They are so full of life and happiness. And yes, I can be as sappy as the next guy. It isn’t all death’n’gloom’n’doom in my music collection. An album full of life for me to enjoy. Anders Ekdahl

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