ARCHGOAT “Heavenly Vulva (Christ’s last Rites)”

“Heavenly Vulva (Christ’s last Rites)”
(Debemur Mortis)
I’ve only read good things about Archgoat so it was with some anticipation I took on this new MCD. This is pretty basic and raw black metal done the Finnish way. I can at times feel that the Finnish black metal bands are even more extreme in attitude than what the Norwegian used to be. It’s like the Finnish black metal bands have their own “Dogme 94” manifest (Lars Von Trier’s how-to-make-a-film manual) for how to create black metal. “Heavenly Vulva (Christ’s Last Ritual)” is basic, raw and primitive in a way that makes Beherit or Blasphemy seem the perfect match. Pretty much what I had come to expect from a Finnish black metal band. And I like it in all its primitive rawness. Anders Ekdahl

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