ARKANA CODE “Brutal Conflict”

“Brutal Conflict”

Battle Helm Rating

Italian death metal for us that like Carcass and Arch Enemy. Okay, I’ll bite as I am a fan of both bands. This is ARKANA CODE’s second album. I can’t seem to have heard the first one. Not that it really matters. This wasn’t as melodic as I expected based on the bands that were name dropped in the promo send out. Not that I complain. This is death metal with a bite. I can hear the Carcass in their metal and perhaps also Arch Enemy if I listen really closely but mostly I hear a band that blows my socks off. Not as brutal as the US death metal and not as melodic as the Swedish melodeath this falls somewhere between the death metal cracks. But it falls so gracefully that I for one can’t help but smile like an idiot. Anders Ekdahl

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