Arrayan Path – “Ira Imperium”

Arrayan Path
“Ira Imperium”
(Pitch Black Records)

Despite their somewhat dodgy name, this lot are in fact Greek Cypriots who play epic power metal with a strong Maiden influence and a Middle Eastern theme! “Ira Imperium” is AP’s third album and features Tony Martin guesting on the title track although the main voice of Nicholas Leptos is more than strong enough to carry the band thru, both in terms of power and those eastern harmonies on tracks like ‘Gnosis of Prometheus’ and ‘Hollow Eyes of Nefertiti’. But what really gets AP noticed are those standout melodies where all the instruments combine for an amazing effect such as on ‘The Fall of Mardonius’. As such AP are probably right now the best band in Cyprus! They have produced quite a package here, with the right blend of high quality power metal all steeped in epic myths and legends that are very much the history of the Mediterranean. If that wasn’t enough, such is the hunger of this band that they now intend to follow in the footsteps of Maiden, Kiss and Manowar by releasing 2 albums in one year – so it won’t be long before the successor of “Ira Imperium” hits us like a tidal wave unleashed by Poseidon himself!

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