Arrayan Path – “IV: Stigmata”

Arrayan Path – “IV: Stigmata” (Pitch Black Records)

Well, it’s certainly been a busy year for Arrayan Path – these guys (minus keyboardist George Kallis) already released a heavy metal album under their sister project Astronomikon – and fabulous it was too – and now comes Arrayan Path’s fourth album! If I were to compare the two bands then I’d say that whilst both are epic but Astronomikon is straight up HM whereas Arrayan Path is more of a melodic power metal band. Indeed, as Nicholas Leptos soaring vocals come wailing in, brother Sokratis piles in an intense mixture of power riffing and heart rousing melodic solos, and George Kallis’s keyboards add to the dark atmosphere of biblical songs like ‘Disguising Your Soul’, ‘Cursed Canaan’ and ‘The Bible Bleeds’ you know this is one epic album! Added to this comes the magnificent orchestral arrangements handled by Vagelis Maranis (ex-Sanvoisen) who also created some beautiful choral harmonies using his voice as well as guest appearances from Armageddon’s Jimmy Mavrommatis on vocals and guitar solos by Kikis Apostolou amongst others. All in all you’ve got one helluva book of battle hymns!

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