ARROGANZ “Kaos. Kult. Kreation”

”Kaos. Kult. Kreation”
(Blacksmith Records)
I love Germany. Have done so for a very long time now. I find the dullness and grayness that is so often present in the description of the country to be a rather wrongly description of it all. I see a country full of warmness and kindness. How else could you explain all the great metal band that have come from that country. ARROGANZ might be my next great German metal exploration. Or not. Who can tell. The band offers us nothing that hasn’t been done before but they do it in a way that at least convinces me that there might be something to it. Their mix of death and black metal is convincing enough for me to believe that this could be well worth investing your time in if you like death metal that isn’t too heavy. Anders Ekdahl

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