“In Death’s Cold Embrace”
(Immortal Frost Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

This is a split 7” which means that there isn’t much to review here as you only get one song each from the two featured bands. But I can tell you this much that this is one 7” that you should track down if you like your black metal on the aggressive side. Because that is what ARS VENEFICIUM deliver. This is a full throttle, no prisoners taken kind of track. ULVDALIR on the other side has a more primal sound. More Norwegian 90s sound. Quite the opposite of ARS VENEFICIUM but still interesting. This one is not as instant as the other side. This one takes a bit longer to get used to, but if you kike stuff like Craft and those kinda bands this is for you. As a whole this one was a cool one. Anders Ekdahl

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