ARS VENEFICIUM “Usurpation of the Seven”

“Usurpation of the Seven”
(Immortal Frost Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

The previous encounters I have had with ARS VENEFICIUM have all left me majorly impressed. I have no reason to doubt that this new one will do anything but the same. I usually don’t follow a band with that sort of consistency unless it is a very special band to me. and ARS VENEFICIUM grow with each release I hear to be that kind of band. There is black metal and then there is black metal. The latter totally different from the first one, but still under the same banner. This is black metal. What I like about this band is the directness of the music. There is nothing too fancy about it. Straight for the throat. As much as I like what I hear as hard do I have to really point my finger at what it is that it reminds me of. I do hear traces of Norwegian 90s black metal, but I also do hear traces of a more straight forward 90s Swedish black metal sound. But that are my references. You might hear something totally different. All I know is that I like this one a lot. Anders Ekdahl

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