ART AGAINST AGONY “Shiva Appreciation Society”

“Shiva Appreciation Society”

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I am totally in the dark about this band. and the more I read about them the less do I understand. I guess there is only one way to deal with this band and that is head on. With an album title that include the word Shiva makes me take heed. Not because I have anything against Eastern philosophy. More because I remember what it did to The Beatles back in times. And there are more recent examples of how bands have been lost in the wilderness of the mind’s eastern journeys. ART AGAINST AGONY are no exception. This is a journey. Both musically but also emotionally. I honestly don’t know where to put it genre-wise but I guess post metal would do. If you have issues with music that is progressive and all over the place you should stay away from this. if you on the other hand don’t mind your mind wandering all over the place, this should fit you like a glove. I might not have total control of my mind just yet, but I do find this soothing. It kinda allows for the chaos in my head to just be. No need to trying to control it. This was a nice surprise. Anders Ekdahl

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