ARTAIUS “The Fifth Season”

”The Fifth Season”
Yes, once again this is a band that I know absolutely nothing about. I’ve come upon them before and given on what label they release this album this could be anything from the grandest pagan/folk metal to some of the weirdest sludge to the doomiest to the most freaked out psychedelia. I have no clue but I sure look forward to learning more. ARTAIUS are supposedly folk metal. Italian folk metal might seem like an oxymoron on paper but if you think about it why not. This is like a cross between black and goth metal with a touch of folk. ARTAIUS can call their metal whatever they like. All I know is that I like it. There’s enough going on it to keep my interest alive all the way through. I can’t really think of Italians running around in the forest dressed in leaves and flowers but thankfully theirs is something more sinister going on with ARTAIUS. Anders

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