Artical – “Illusion X”

(Pitch Black Records)

Formed by the Dimareli brothers in 2002, Artical are a Greek neo classical power metal band who were probably little known outside of their country – until now! For this album they’ve recruited famed vocalist Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen, Ring Of Fire etc etc) and he’s in fine form as usual with his majestic vocals throughout songs like ‘Follow The Light’, ‘Run Like The Wind’ and ‘Chasing My Life’. For the most part the material is upbeat and racy along Angra’s tempo with the added harmonies of Freedom Call, although on the slower songs it could pass for prog AOR. The Dimareli’s, along with bassist Leo Petropulos, are in fine form, matching Boals in both their dextrous guitar work and prog like keyboards which, along with quality production makes for an entertaining enough power metal opus. Whilst I don’t see “Illusion X” shaking the pillars of power metal, it’s certainly enough to get Artical noticed and hopefully beyond the brilliance of Boals.

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