Artillery – “Legions”


Artillery – “Legions” (Metal Blade Records)

If you’re a fan of Metallica’s “Ride The Lightning” era then don’t look back cos this one’s for you! Formed in Mr Ulrich’s homeland of Denmark back in ’82, Artillery became respected thrashers as the underground scene took off, releasing albums such as “Fear Of Tomorrow” and “Terror Squad”, both of which retain their status as cult classics to this day. Despite a long hiatus, the band never lost their zest to thrash – despite some members being in their 50s – and in recent years have returned to fine form. Centered around the ferocious dual guitar attack of the founding Stützer brothers expect nothing less than fast rebounding thrash riffs, wild lead breaks and blistering solos on songs like ‘Chill My Bones’, ‘Dies Irae’ and ‘Ethos Of Wrath’. New vocalist Michael Bastholm Dahl adds more than his measure in being able to sing as well as shrill to excess whilst Joshua Madsen’s drums are like a herd of galloping wildebeests on heat! Amidst the furor, there are plenty of classy melodies n hooks as well as acoustic teasers proving that Artillery aren’t merely content to break necks – well, not least without sparing the band a grateful thought before passing out ha ha. “Legions” brings Artillery back full circle to their 80s glory days, but much more than that, is also a fine heavy metal album that should stand them in good stead for their massive onslaught of the Americas next year!

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