ARUNA AZURA “A Story Of A World’s Betrayal”

”A Story Of A World’s Betrayal”
(Metal Scrap Records)
This one seem to be a very elaborate release. From the band name to the album title to the lay-out to the music there seems to have gone a whole lot of thought into this. If that is a good thing or not time will only tell. Whenever I come upon an album like this my mind immediately drifts towards Canadian DBC. They wrote a massive concept album called “Universe” that to this day still do it for me. I have no idea if this album by ARUNA AZURA will live with me for that long. Musically this could best be described as all over the place. You get you death metal, your tech metal and your more soft moments in just one song. Call this progressive if you like. I know what I think of it… and that is that this was not perhaps the album I had wanted but I can do with what I got. So if you like your metal extreme and progressive and don’t mind being tossed both left, right and every other way then this is for you. I’ll settle for saying that this wasn’t too bad. Anders Ekdahl

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