ARVEN “Black Is The Colour”

“Black Is The Colour”
I like ARVEN. There is a charm to their metal that I find very enticing. I don’t know what it is about their melodies but there is something to them that makes them hard to resist. So it is with a certain degree of anticipation that I take on this new album. I gotta say that this album started way too up-beat but that was put to rest once the vocals came in. Then it all became ARVEN like I remember them. You just gotta love the melodies that this lot comes up with. It kinda reminds me or Synergy with a soprano. Call it operatic power metal if you like. I call it another great ARVEN album to enjoy for a long time. I cannot get enough of this album. I think I’ll play all their album back to back and make it an ARVEN day of it all. Anders Ekdahl

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