ARVEN “Music Of Light”

“Music Of Light”
Have you ever wondered what Enya’s music would sound like had she fronted a metal band. Then give Arven a listen. OK that might not be the whole truth but this brings put feelings that I haven’t felt in a long time. Goth metal as a sub-genre is not homogenous. Within it you’ll find different branches that go in all directions. Arven might not even be goth metal even if they flirt with it. Take away the somewhat symphonic vocals, add a gruffer vocalist and this would be a power metal record. So thin are the dividers when it comes to Arven. With that said I must admit to being captivated by “Music Of Light”. Forget everything about it being like Nightwish or this or that band and just enjoy it for what it is, a cool metal album. Do that and you will find yourself in an enchanted land trying to follow the elves and trolls on their journey through the wood. Anders Ekdahl

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