ARZ “Turn Of THe Tide”

“Turn Of The Tide”
Canadian progressive rock/hardrock has for the longest of times had its forerunner. Don’t know who I’m talking about? RUSH of course. If you ever so slightly touches on prog and come from Canada somebody is likely to scream RUSH at you. As ARZ are new to me I’m not going to hastily throw RUSH at them. I’ll give them time to prove me wrong. They could turn out to be Dream Theater-esque instead. That this is progressive there’s no doubt about. From the very first note to the last this is progressive in a Rush/Dream Theater crossover. I’m not even going to pretend to understand the going ons behind the music but I like what I hear. I also get an old Marillion feel, or a British 80s prog rock feel to be more correct. Seeing as I like that period I like this album. Highly recommended for those into prog rock/metal. Anders Ekdahl

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