As You Drown – “Rat King”

As You Drown
“Rat King”
(Metal Blade Records)

On the face of it the town of Boras in Sweden might represent an idyllic one: rich in culture, natural beauty and happy folk. But there are exceptions. As You Drown clearly represent the alternative: heavily tattooed morose lads with plenty of angst in their faces. And “Rat King” sez it all – modern death core is probably how best I’d describe songs like ‘Conqueror’, ‘Rabid Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing’ and ‘Slaves to the Kingdom of Fear’. Although influenced in part by the Swe-deth scene, this lot owe more to the likes of Vader and even US bands, with hoarse, bellowing vocals, whirring, squeaking guitars and relentless double bass drumming – no death n roll here baby – the 9 tracks herein are so belligerent and ugly if they weren’t so well executed in their precision delivery I’d prob have scant regard for them, having seen it all before. Fear the children indeed….

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