Asenblut – “Berserker”


Asenblut – “Berserker” (AFM Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Well, if you ever wondered if there was a Germanic equivalent to Amon Amarth, then Asenblut aren’t short of the mark especially with this 3rd album actually titled “Berserker” ha ha! However, where there is a difference is that this Gottingen crew add in more blackish elements especially in Tetzel’s versatile vocals, which for the main sound like Johan Hegg’s guttural bear growls, but occasionally also go into full blown screamo. Likewise, the twin guitars of Claus Cleinkrieg and Yuri for the most part deliver pagan battlefield riffs a plenty, but equally diverge into more moribund metallic clanging a la Emperor while on the solos seem to stray now and again towards the pure heavy metal of Maiden. It all makes for an interesting package powerfully driven along by the aptly named Balrogh’s thundering drum work on epic calls to victory like ‘Auf Grauen Schwingen’, ‘Drachenborn’ and the bonus track of ‘Berserker Rage’! Nicely topped off by Seeb Levermann’s (Orden Ogan) crisp n tight production, Asenblut can certainly play, so I wish they’d get out there more often on the touring front so more people can appreciate them.

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