ASENBLUT “Von Worten und Taten”

“Von Worten und Taten”
OK, I’ll admit that this bands name makes me think folk, pagan or heathen metal. And I don’t really mind as long as the metal they play is good. If it is great, so much better but right now I’ll settle for a great metal record, perhaps a tad on the more epic side. I feel like hearing some really big and ballsy metal right now. To me the ultimate Viking metal band is Bathory. Amon Amarth are the pretenders to the throne. Listening to ASENBLUT I get a slight Amon Amarth feeling. There is traces of the groove Amon Amarth has got going. This German band turned out to be just as mighty and great as I had hoped for. Mixing death with black metal ASENBLUT has come up with all the right cards on their hand. Anders Ekdahl

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