ASGARD “Outworld”

(My Graveyard)
I think I remember a Spanish band by the same name from a couple of years ago. If I’m not too off base I think that the Spanish one was more of a death metal band. This here band is of Italian descent and more classic heavy metal in spirit. When you get an Iron Maiden vibe the first thing you get I know that this will be an album that I will like 9 times out of ten. This is heavy metal with an air raid of a vocalist. The kind of metal that I grew up on in the 80s before I turned to the heavier stuff. Just listening to this stirs up emotions in me that I’ve never forgotten or suppressed. I still love this kind of heavy metal to this day and it will stay with me until I put my feet up for the final rest. So if you liked the speed metal of bands like Savage Grace, Helloween with Kai Hansen or just can’t get enough of great heavy metal this will do more than fine. Anders Ekdahl

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