Ashes To Ashes – “Borderline”


Ashes To Ashes – “Borderline” (WormHoleDeath Records)

Music made for ‘Twilight’. If night is day for some then Genoa – the birthplace of Christopher Columbus and Niccolo Paganini – is the perfect hometown of Italy’s Ashes To Ashes, an amazing band that bring together a number of styles and in their fusion discover a brave new world. Led by the hugely talented Marta ‘Polverina’ Vassallo on vocals / keys along with the virtuoso guitar playing Paolo Schiavi, Ashes To Ashes blend soft moments graced by arpeggios and beautiful melodies with metalcore moments when Marta’s sweet, innocent vocals give rise to her inner demon unleashed in aggro vocals and roars – true love and hate personified! Throughout, Schiavi’s guitar stays unfailingly by her side, providing passionate power to those tender moments to bring orgasmic climax or adding kick ass attitude with his slick rock n roll soloing! I thoroughly enjoyed this album – girlie as it may be – but it is hugely catchy be it from the title track’s mellowcore beat – complete with cool girlie sass shout outs – to the delicate pseudo femme goth rock of ‘Sleep’ to the hugely catchy pop rock of ‘Ballad Of The Wolf’, almost made for Cullen & Swan! Recorded in New York, during which time the band played live twice and recorded their first video for the single ‘Alice’s Song’, “Borderline” shows not only the amazing talent of this new band, but their ambition as lofty as Columbus himself.

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