ASHES YOU LEAVE “The Cure For Happiness”

“The Cure For Happiness”
Here we have another of those bands that I’ve known of for ages but haven’t bothered checking out. And it’s not because they are Croatian. I have no prejudice against Croatian bands. I just haven’t gotten round to checking them out. With this being their 6th album you could hope that the time is now for the band. They seem to have struggled enough by now. I love My Dying Bride and have done so since that very first demo I got by them. Subsequently I’ve fallen in love with all bands that have followed in the footsteps of them since that day. Ashes You Leave have that same melancholic touch that make this kind of metal so bloody great. Not having any prior history with this band is not a disadvantage. This is another great melancholic metal album. Anders Ekdahl

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