ASKE ”Broken Vow”

”Broken Vow”

Battle Helm Rating

This is not a bad release. It is in fact brilliant. Perhaps too brilliant. This Brazilian duo are very competent at what they do. I don’t say this too often but it feels as if they are too good at what they do. It is supposed to be death/black metal. And it is, to an extent. As much as l love early Sepultura as much would I have liked for this to not remind me of that era. There is the feeling that this is too controlled. It is like ASKE are trying to be both latter day Satyricon while maintain the Brazilian heritage of Sepultura. It is basically too much. What I would have liked is a bit more chaos. Less perfection and more “fuck this”. It is too smooth and that is a shame because this is too good to be buried under all that niceness. This would have benefitted from a harder edge. Less digital and more analogue. Anders Ekdahl

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