ASOFY “Percizione”

(Avant Garde)
I know that there is some sort of merit to being the most obscure and mystic when you play black metal. I don’t get that that. Not that I necessarily most know who’s who in a band but it doesn’t make the music less intriguing if I know the members names. I’m not saying that ASOFY is an anonymous band. Far from it. There is an air of mystique to the music that makes me think of Sweden’s Lustre. Instead of beating you on the head with a full on assault ASOFY paints a picture using different layers of atmosphere. You will not leaving listening to this with a heart racing. Instead you’ll leave feeling calm and content. This is like a cleansing of the mind. A journey to a peaceful place. I like this kind of melancholic black metal in a Burzum-esque manner. Anders Ekdahl

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