” Bringers Of Delusion”
(Symbol Of Domination)

Battle Helm Rating

You might already have read the interviews I’ve done with both bands and already checked out the music but for those that haven’t come that long just yet here comes the review of the split between these two Costa Rican bands. Back in the day there was a band called Atheist that was OTT prog death metal. mixing influences from everything from jazz to metal to you name it. I’m not saying that ASSAILANT is even close to Atheist but that was the first band that sprung to mind, that and Death. If you like your death metal flipped out then this might is for you. UBIQUITOUS REALITY are more muddy American death metal. More Mortician/Incantation/Cannibal Corpse than anything else. This is death metal without the refinement of an Atheist or a Death. As a split the bands couldn’t be more off that they are. But you are presented two Costa Rican bands that you might otherwise have missed out on. My fave of the two is UR even though I am a huge friend of both Atheist and Death. Anders Ekdahl

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