ASSYMETRY OF EGO “Forsake Beyond The Dusk”

“Forsake Beyond The Dusk”

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I gotta admit that I wasn’t and isn’t the greatest fan of bands like Linkin Park and their ilk yet that was the first band that sprung to mind when I started to play this album by ASYMETRY OF EGO. Perhaps not as poppy as Linkin Park but with the same sort of darkness and mystery. This is for lack of a better term alternative progressive metal, or should that be progressive alternative metal? Or perhaps even modern metal? Post metal? You get where I am going don’t you. As an ancient metalhead I can at times find it hard to relate to the more modern versions of metal, but as long as it is metal I am game for anything. At least once. But I have nothing to fear from this one because I like what it hear. This one turned out to be both hard as well as soft in a way that appealed to me. A cool release. Anders Ekdahl

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