ASTRAL WINTER “Forest of Silence”

“Forest of Silence”
(Immortal Frost Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

I never ever look up to the sky at night but one wintry night at work I did so and I saw all the different constellations. That was a majestic feeling. But it also made me think about what lies beyond the stars, the infinity of space. And how small we really are in the vastness that is Universe. ASTRAL WINTER is an Aussie black metal combo. This is chaotic and massive and also with a sense of melody. I get Emperor “In The Nightside Eclipse” vibes all over this album. it is that kind of black metal we are subjected to. And as much as I like that period of Emperor I find myself liking this. There is something to this makes me wanting to hear more and more. This is as mind bending as looking at the stars is to me. Anders Ekdahl

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