”Perdition II”
(Immortal Frost Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

At first I was about to dismiss this one totally. But I did give it a chance. And it did not suck as much as I thought at first. This is not your typical black metal album. This is an acoustic black metal album. Yeah, I know. It is an oxymoron but somehow it still does the job. If you have heard ASTRAL WINTER’s previous releases you’ll know that they are one hell of a black metal entity. I am a huge fan myself. So when the news of a new album came through the grapevine I was as happy as a kid on x-mas. After having heard this one I can say that I am still glad. There is something to this that excites me. I guess it has to do with the mood this one sets. If I close my eyes I can imagine myself being alone in a snow clad forest on a really chilly night. As much as I miss the black metal, as much do I enjoy the effort on this one. Anders Ekdahl

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