Astronomicon – “Dark Gorgon Rising”

Astronomicon – “Dark Gorgon Rising” (Pure Legend Records)

Hailing from Cyprus and telling the mythical tale of Perseus, the ancient hero who killed Medusa, turned the Kraken to stone and claimed Andromeda, these Greeks have steeped their power metal in a majesty befitting these legends of old! Soaring vocals, passionate melodies and epic riffs par excellence burst forth
to fell titans on fiery songs like ‘Son Of Seriphos’, ‘Bloodborn’ and ‘For You I Will Die Young’. Most of all, Astronomicon show some real class in their musicianship and song writing, which doesn’t seek to merely copy the trademark power style, but incorporate their own Mediterranean flavor that adds even more credibility into those fantastic songs. With a name like Astronomicon you’ve gotta be setting yourself up for some high expectations but these guys have actually exceeded mine: they are easily the best band I’ve heard in a long time coming outta southern Europe who deservedly demand recognition in international circles!

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