ASYLUM PYRE “Fifty Years Later”

“Fifty Years Later”
I haven’t bothered to check out the origin of this band as it really doesn’t matter where they are from. What matters is if they are any good. That geography can’t help with. I know that I’ve said that I tend to lean more towards bands that have a female member or two more than all male bands but lately there seems to be a trend going in signing bands that are female fronted so I’ve kinda given up on that to just concentrate on if a band is good or not. I like up tempo music. I think it has to do with my extremely short patience span. I don’t really like to wait for things to happen. I want my stuff to happen immediately. And even though I’ve with age come to appreciate metal that is a bit slower I still get my rocks off when the tempo is a bit higher. Asylum Pyre are metal that is heavy, melodic and with a tempo that is high enough to keep me awake. Anders Ekdahl

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