I’m kinda feeling romantic right now. Don’t know if it has to do with us getting closer to the darkest day of the year or what but for some reason I want to cuddle with my loved one had I had one. At The Lake seems like the perfect choice for that, or at least that is what I hope for. It did start on a high note with some very emotive string fiddling and a wailing female voice. This could very well be the romantic gesture I was looking for. That the intro is followed by a choired intro to the first track told me that this was going to be goth metal the way I like it; big and grand. Combined with the darkness that embraces us up north at this time of the year this album proved to be just what Santa Claus ordered. Perhaps not X-mas come early but still a damn good present to warm yourself by on this cold and lonely Halloween night. Anders Ekdahl

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