ATER ERA ”In Autumn’s Solitary Decline”

”In Autumn’s Solitary Decline”
(Mater Tenebrarum)
Ok, so I don’t know too much about the Slovenian metal scene, even though I’m slowly getting to know more and more about it. Ater Era is a black metal band of the more basic kind. This is straight for the neck black metal (all vampire references non-intentional) that takes no prisoners. Think early Darkthrone, early Mayhem and maybe a bit of early Immortal and you have a pretty good picture of where you’ll find this band musically. I like this kind of raw, primal black metal. No fancy dressing, just plain and raw black metal. You get pictures of deep forests and dark nights listening to this album. There is a shimmer of mysticism to this album that I like. I get to make up my own images of what I want this black metal to mean to me. Cool enough black metal for me to enjoy it thoroughly. Anders Ekdahl

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